Compose, schedule, create

Creator is the powerful tool that turns your brand content into engaging digital signage. Adapt, schedule, manage and distribute – all in one comfortable and intuitive interface. This application offers both room for creativity and the solid architecture to make any media play-out reality.

Use your branded content
to take the stage.

The workflow begins by adding your content into the Creator and that content can be in a wide range of formats and resolutions: no need for expensive editing or re-encoding. Just drag and drop your files and you’re ready to start designing the digital signage and media play-out you want.

Easily adapt content
for the digital signage platform.

With your brand content loaded, you can easily make any adjustments such as scaling and cropping to prepare it for playback. Trimming and adjusting timing are easily accomplished as well.

Create engaging digital signage
with a spectrum of powerful features.

Creator is your canvas for creativity – convenient features such as layers, zones, scaling, and rotation allow you to create your own compelling templates. Turn your content into exciting signage formats such as video walls and even interactive kiosks. Advanced features, like layer animations, drop shadows, frames and more make it possible to create a totally unique media playback experience.

Need audio? You’ve come to the right place. Separate audio layers and audio routing with up to 64 channels. We’ve got even the most demanding environments covered.

Manage your content
with dedicated campaigns and playlists.

Once your content is adapted for your displays, you can schedule the material for distribution. Thanks to a variety of playlists and powerful campaign features, your content can be easily bundled and played back right where and when it needs to be.

Distribute your content
with just a click.

Push your content to any number of Players. Creator allows for multichannel and multilocation distribution and features such as Watched Folders and Cloud Playlists make it possible to easily keep Player content up to date dynamically.

And there’s so much more
that makes Creator great.

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Your content starts with Creator. And Player shows it to the world.

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