For mission-critical systems

The perfect solution for signage systems that simply can’t fail.

Failsafe software module for all Player Platinum
and Media Engine configurations.

This unique software module makes it possible for two Players to act as mutual backups, ensuring continuous playback. If the active Player encounters an issue, the secondary Player will detect it and immediately take over.


A new level of dependability
In contrast to simple heartbeat messaging methods, Failsafe offers a much more thorough and robust device and process vigilance system. Divided between the primary and back-up Players, the two devices act as one by taking over playback if there’s any issue.

In order to keep track of the performance of your Players, Failsafe performs health checks in regular intervals. The parameters for these checks include playback issues, network connectivity, display connectivity, and licensing – and they’re all fully customizable to fit your individual needs.

Key Features

  • Support of TCP/IP commands, UDP messages
    and optional serial communication and GPIO trigger
  • Adjustable hot or warm standby mode
  • eMail notificaton service
  • ASCII or HEX commands
  • Unlimited number of Pre-Switch, Switch and Post-Switch commands
  • Multiple health checks to trigger takeover

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