from the solution’s source.

The development of ~sedna is supported by a diverse team of experts – and those experts are also here to support you. From training users to get the most out of our innovative solutions, creating signage concepts, to consultation and technical, we can take care of you.

Technical services
from a team of experienced experts.

Our technical expertise can support your signage throughout the entire value chain.
If there’s a gap, we can coordinate to provide the experts you need to bring your signage solutions to life.

  • System analysis
  • Consulting and planning
  • Concept creation 
  • Hardware procurement
  • Installation and testing
  • Deployment and operating
  • System maintenance and monitoring
  • Customizing and development
  • Life cycle management

Product training
to help you master your signage.

There’s so much that our product family can accomplish – and we’re happy to show you first hand. We provide training to help your team learn how to use new content, create their own signage concepts, and fill in any technical know-how gaps.

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Extended technical support
tailored to your needs.

We have total confidence in the reliability of our solutions. But we’re also here when you need us. For more complex systems, you can request extended support – with set response times, increased availability, and accelerated contact to our experts.

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Is there a part of your signage system that needs special attention?

We can take care of it for you.

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