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Player enables you to reliably deliver content to any digital signage stage. Available in a variety of platforms – iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS and Linux – and for any project need. All the playback power you need to make engaging digital signage.

The powerful playout application
that brings digital signage to life.

The Player is so straightforward and yet offers many different use cases. By combining Players and licenses, signage systems of any size and complexity can be achieved. And our acclaimed render engine ensures the level of performance that dedicated and professional digital signage playout deserves.

Key Features

  • Uninterrupted 24/7 operation
  • Syncronized high resolution play-out up to 8K
  • Scalable up to 64 x 4K frame-locked outputs
  • Interactive Kiosk solutions
  • Multiscreen and multi-layer content playback
  • Proof-of-playback reporting
  • Control via network and HTML commands
  • Integrated commands and scripts

Two different licensing editions
Gold and Platinum.

Each edition offers different capabilities – with Gold being the defined standard and Platinum the most powerful. And the different editions can be combined in a single installation, i.e. to optimize efficiency and make the right decisions according to specific needs.

Player Gold

Perfectly synchronized multilayer and multiscreen content playback.

  • 10 Content layers
  • 4K per output
  • Single capture up to 4K
  • Multiple outputs
  • Standard API features
  • For macOS and Linux
  • Available for Apple TV
  • Runs on Mac mini
    Mac Pro, Intel NUC
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Player Platinum

Highest resolution, frame-locked and customizable content playback solutions.

  • Unlimited content layers
  • 4K per output
  • Multiple capture up to 4K
  • Multiple outputs
  • ProRes support
  • Advanced API features
  • For macOS and Linux
  • Runs on Mac mini,
    Mac Pro, Intel NUC,
     ~sedna Media Engine SE & 8K
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Four projects.
Each made possible with a different edition.

Not sure which Player edition you need?

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