The ~sedna approach.
The Berlin-based team that makes ~sedna exceptional.

We have decades of combined hand-on experience in creating signage and communication concepts, installing hardware, and maintaining installations of every size and complexity. Our varied history has brought us into contact with powerful brands that have given us the opportunity to create a wide spectrum of projects.

Numbers never lie.
Some quick facts about ~sedna as a company.


Incorporated in 2007
We’ve been building signage solutions for over a decade.

32 full-time employees
Developers, engineers, product specialists ­– all problem solvers and innovators.

1,560 m2 office space
Including test installation space, lab and showroom.

In 60+ countries
Signage systems on almost every continent.

Our approach
to providing digital communication solutions.

Embracing uniqueness
Some of the most impressive systems made possible by ~sedna are completely unique. From colossal installations in Times Square to never-before-seen screen constellations.

Driving creative potential
We want to provide users with a platform that promotes creativity. and Creator offer users thousands of ways to reinvent their brand content for the digital communication platform.

Thinking bigger and better

We’ve had the chance to work with some of the largest brands out there because we’re not afraid to think bigger and better. Bigger signage. Better potential. Bigger networks. Better engagement.

Providing a solid foundation
The most important thing in digital communications systems is reliability. So we build Players that keep playing and make sure that you always have the support you need.

Selected clients
of ~sedna products and services.

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