Report Generator
Mastering proof-of-playback

Easily manage files from Players and merge them into a single document.

Always know what was on your screens.

With Report Generator, you get a powerful tool that offers you the perfect insight into playback history at any time. It can prove on which display, when and how often an asset was played – customized to your setup and preferences. It reveals inconsistencies in your playback so you can modify the data layout to detect whether playback was interrupted.

With every Player generating its own proof-of-playback file, you need a solution that can consolidate that information into a concise, convenient overview: Report Generator.

Key Features

  • Customizable POP reports
  • CSV, PDF, and HTML export
  • Support for an unlimited number of Players
  • Filtering options for specific time slots and/or media assets
  • SQL editor for individual reports

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