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Presenter Player for iOS

Digital Signage for your mobile iOS device

Presenter Player for iOS is a mobile app designed to play out digital signage content created with our award-winning ~sedna presenter software suite.
Presenter Player for iOS is ideal for retail settings, POS and POI. It puts your content into the hands of your customers. Perfect for signage setups with a surprise effect: at the checkout, as a hands-on information system for your products, or as a mobile guide with iBeacon support in museums or exhibitions: Presenter Player for iOS is ready for your ideas and runs on every iOS device such as iPad, iPod and iPhone.


Presenter Player for iOS supports one content layer and one text ticker with RSS feed capabilities. It can play back projects with images, videos (all formats supported on the iOS device), HTML and multiscreen assets with clock-based synchronization. A simple touch allows you to trigger other content provided in the project, for instance an HTML website with further information.

Controlled by your fingertips

Presenter Player for iOS has an integrated presentation mode with great potential for a variety of situations.
Place your iOS device somewhere and let it display your default content, pick it up to give a presentation, and then return it to its signage function when you’re done.
All with a few taps and swipes.

Presenter Player for iOS

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Presenter Player for iOS can only be used with the ~sedna presenter software suite. Presenter Player for iOS requires licenses that are purchased separately. However, you can download it and test its functionality.
Genre: Business
Version: 1.1.4
Released: October 10, 2013
Updated: Feb 19, 2015