Modular Applications for Advanced Digital Signage Scenarios

~sedna presenter 5

The first choice in the realization of high-resolution playouts and can manage up to 64x UHD/4K-streams frame-synchronized.

~sedna presenter 5

Comes with a variety of new features that give you even more freedom to manage your digital signage scenarios. 

~sedna presenter 5

Features Cloud Playlist handling that enhances your scheduling options for online managed playlists – even in combination with more complex scenarios. 

~sedna presenter 5

Suits local and distributed scenarios for individual brand content with various publishing options including playback reporting.

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Applications can be remotely triggered by external commands and events.

~sedna presenter 5

Supports single-touch events for interactive content.

Powerful content management with offline authoring and web-based playlist management

Automatic player restart and playback on power loss

Player management, geographical representation of location and status display

Application licensing, player status control and Cloud Playlist handling in Presenter Cloud

Playback reporting for indivdual players and for individual zones on one player

Shared Playback to improve the performance of Video Walls

Accelarated Decoding for Mac minis and Intel NUC*

Manage and create stunning digital signage content

Manage, schedule and deliver effortlessly with ~sedna presenter

Presenter Cloud

Brings you a web-based service for handling your Organization’s licenses and assigning them to your desired player applications including status monitoring of connected players.

Presenter Creator Pro

The cornerstone of our software suite and the starting point for great digital signage scenarios. 

Compose, create, edit, schedule and update – Presenter Creator Pro provides maximum freedom and a powerful toolset to tailor your players to your workflow.

Presenter Player

A growing ecosystem of player applications for multiple platforms with different editions for individual signage needs.

Content can be published to our player applications in a variety of ways:
Directly in your local network with Creator Pro, Web-based subscriptions of projects, or using the Cloud Playlist to publish a playlist to one or many players.

Presenter Player offers you the the reliability and stability that professional signage
systems demand.

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