Media Engine 8K
The ultimate
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Media Engine 8K

Imagine one of the most powerful media servers on the planet, combined with one of the world’s most capable and scalable Content Management Systems. Welcome to Media Engine 8K.

Media Engine 8K is our exclusive high-performance, mission-critical media server, which has been engineered, designed, hand-built, and configured by highly skilled professionals in Germany.

Our Media Engine 8K offers true 8Kp60 playback, multiple real-time capture inputs, external device control, and much more. A high-end solution that can bring the most spectacular display systems to life.

Dream big. Bigger still.
Supporting unlimited content layers, scalable up to 16 frame-locked and genlocked units, multichannel audio support, and fully integrated multiviewer capabilities – the media playback setups you can realize with Media Engine 8K are as big as your imagination. Maybe even bigger.

So much versatility in one box.
The potential use cases for Media Engine 8K are as impressive as they are numerous. True to its name, it can provide 8Kp60 content playback through 4 frame-locked 4Kp60 DisplayPort outputs or multiple 4K outputs in various configurations. Plus virtual displays if you need them. Plus unlimited layers. Plus optimized ProRes support. Plus Playlist nesting. Plus advertising campaign based scheduling. Plus slot-based scheduling. Plus numerous scheduling possibilities for a vast amount of media types. And much more.

Not just powerful. But extremely dependable.
Media Engine 8K comes standard with a fully redundant power supply, of course. Equipped with an optional Failsafe software module, Media Engine 8K continuously monitors the health parameters of the primary and back-up Players to ensure truly continuous playback. This full redundancy, including automatic failover switching, means that you can be sure that your system is always playing back content when it needs to be.

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Key Features

  • Four 4Kp60 frame-locked outputs for true 8Kp60 media playback
  • Scalable up to 16 frame-locked and genlocked units (64 4K outputs)
  • Multiple real-time capture inputs
  • Built-in multiviewer capabilities
  • 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 color subsampling, 8 to 10-bit color depth
  • ProRes support
  • Unlimited content layers
  • Multichannel audio support, up to 5 x stereo
  • Easily manageable, powerful content management
  • API for external content playback control and external device control
  • Linux OS
  • Designed and assembled in Germany

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