Presenter Cloud
Manage, monitor, control

Presenter Cloud provides web-based management for professional and high-quality digital signage projects from any internet browser. Licenses handling, player management, content assignment and status monitoring – all in one interface. Presenter Cloud comes free with Player.

Player management

Create groups of players and position them accordingly – by floor, by store, by city, and beyond. Then easily manage which content they use.

License handling

Not using one of your Players at the moment? Transfer its license to another computer remotely and have your signage playback where you need it now.

Content management

By changing a single Player, others that are subscribed to the same Cloud Playlist will automatically pull updated content and play it back.

Status monitoring

With a simple color system, you can see which Players are active and running, emitting a warning, pending, or in need of immediate attention.

Multi-user access

You can easily decide who can do what with the signage system and from anywhere. Simply add users and determine their administration rights in the browser interface.

Resources in one place

Everything you need to run Presenter in one convenient spot. From user guides to release notes, video tutorials and current versions, it’s all right here.

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