Become a part of the ~sedna team!

C++ Developer

We are looking for a C++ Developer to join our team.

Cocoa App Development for Mac OS

We are looking for a Cocoa Specialist.

Backend Developer

We are looking for a Backend Developer to back our team.

DevOps Engineer

If you're a DevOps Engineer looking for a new challenge - come join us.

The benefits of working for ~sedna

Flexible Working Hours

We are about collaboration and trust. As long as you carry your weight, we are not too concerned about how your schedule looks like.

Parking On Premises | Car & Bike

After registering your car with us, you can comfortably park right outside our office. If you should prefer to take your bike, skateboard or similar means of transportation, you can safely store them inside our office building.

Open Kitchen & Table Tennis

The most important room in our office? The kitchen. Fueled by free coffee, beverages and fruits, this is where we have some of our liveliest discussions. Our large kitchen is frequently used as an ad-hoc meeting room, general gathering place and, well, dining room. If you are looking for a more active way to socialize or exchange ideas, however, you can always choose to challenge someone to a round of table tennis or tabletop football.

Our Team

At ~sedna, we try to cultivate an open work environment, where everybody can contribute in the way that best suits his or her needs. Individually, let’s say, we are a bunch of unique personalities. United in a team, we get to play to our strengths and create some fantastic products. However, seeing is believing. How about you come to visit us for a coffee.