~sedna digital signage solutions and customized interactive playout scenarios.
Reliable, performant and modular applications that are highly-scalable and can be tailored to your creative communication and infrastructure.

As our most distributed and versatile multi-platform product suite ~sedna presenter provides a toolset to deliver modular, customizable digital signage environments that can expand with your business and fit to complex needs.


Our applications run on Apple and particular Linux devices

for standard displays, video walls, projectors and ultra-high definition spectaculars.


Configure applications and network yourself or let us help you find the right solutions and configuration for more complex needs.

Fit virtually any digital signage needs – distributed and high-performance scenarios
Supports Apple macOS
macOS 10.14 Mojave support
Supports Apple iOS & tvOS
Supports a variety of Linux players
Powerful Content Management
(offline authoring + web-based playlist management)
Autonomous local applications
with online licensing & management in Presenter Cloud
Automatic player restart and playback on power loss
Shared Playback
to improve the performance of video wall content playback
Player Management
geographical representation of location and status display
Accelerated Decoding
for playback optimization on Mac mini devices


Customize managed services to integrate your content, channels, and containers for the playout with devices.



Time-based, event-based, or data-driven scheduling of playlists for single-or multichannel applications on devices or channels.



Synchronized playback for combined devices, groups, and channels with temporal and/or spacial distinction and correlation.



Temporary takeover of one or more devices, groups, and channels according to assigned or acquired rights and policies.


About US

~sedna provides professional solutions for digital signage, multitouch and interactive installations made in Berlin/Germany. Innovative technology development drives us to create the best possible solutions for today’s markets and business demands.

Our software suites ~sedna presenter and ~sedna touch offer a maximum of creative possibilities and a wealth of tools to build and transport fascinating, attractive and convincing brand messages with the highest quality level.

They are the first choice globally when it comes to building top-quality and reliable digital signage and multitouch projects that operate under most demanding conditions.