~sedna presenter 4

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Introducing ~sedna presenter 4

~sedna presenter 4 comes with some amazing new features to give even more freedom and possibilities to play back content and is the means of choice to realize 4K, 6K and even 8K resolution playout.
Accelerated decoding allows users to playback UHD video on media players like Mac mini devices.
Shared Playback enhances the video wall feature in ~sedna presenter considerably and enables users to display UHD content across multiple screens in their video wall setups.
~sedna has also optimized the heart of every ~sedna presenter project: arrangements.
Last but not least, adding license and player management in Presenter Cloud opens up new possibilities for every existing user of ~sedna presenter.
With our new paid release of ~sedna presenter 4.1 you are ready for Apple’s macOS Sierra (10.12.x).

Key Features

  • Product licensing and management in Presenter Cloud
  • Player management, geographical mapping and status indication
  • Shared Playback for video wall performance optimization
  • Accelerated decoding for playback optimization on Mac mini devices
  • Arrangements and layer style animation optimizations
  • Improved Inspector design

Introducing Presenter Cloud

Presenter Cloud provides a customizable and flexible service to create, manage and accomplish professional and high-quality digital signage projects anywhere at anytime. Within Presenter Cloud, customers are able to manage their licenses and players online in an easy to use interface. Presenter Cloud is the basis for ~sedna gmbh to provide even more new features and functionalities in the future.

Migration to ~sedna presenter 4 and Presenter Cloud

  • Easily transfer licenses to Presenter Cloud
  • Free upgrade from ~sedna presenter 3
  • Easy license management in Presenter Cloud
  • Basic monitoring options available