We’ve developed every component of the modern multitouch system. Our software and hardware have been designed with a unique approach and for practical solutions. We develop with two things in mind: creativity and productivity.


Image selection, layout editing and multitouch scenario creation – innovate with an integrated workflow to realize your goals.


Our systems are Mac-based, scalable, aesthetic and offer your brand and content a whole new engaging format.


Though our solutions have a wide variety of functions, the central goal of each is to help you create something completely original and unique.


An amazing way to get things done. We believe that a multitouch system should both look great and help you reach a goal.


Reliable and solid. We develop multitouch solutions that do their job, so that you can concentrate on yours.


Have a whole new approach? That’s what we like to hear. We work closely with clients to create completely customized multitouch systems.

Multitouch Software

Our applications provide the right platform for you to make the most of your creative work – and the flexibility to do something completely new. We’ve made working with media easier and put the power of multitouch within everyone’s reach.Intuitive use and without programming skills. Imagine and innovate with an application that anticipates your needs.From working with volumes of images to developing unique print layouts, our software integrates and enhances traditional workflows.

Touch Creator

Stunning multitouch scenarios – without all that coding and programming. With this powerful application, you can put your best content into the multitouch format and offer your brand a whole new dimension.Interacting with content is remembering content. When users experience your message with multitouch, that makes it one-of-a-kind.Stunning images, entertaining videos, interactive HTML and much more. All on an engaging multitouch interface made by you.

Touch Image

View, edit and select images – in a format that’s streamlining and revolutionizing the editorial environment. This application can centralize any publication’s image production to save both time and resources.Editors can make the right decisions and select the best images when they see them in splendid resolution and detail.The traditional image selection process – centralized and digitalized on one power multitouch installation. Effortless organization.

Touch Layout

Everything you selected in Touch Image – immediately ready for layouting. This dynamic application lets you conceptualize layout mockups on your multitouch system and bring a new look to life. Drag and drop layout elements from an extensive toolbox, create templates and keep your publication moving forward.Never have to explain your idea to the production team again – show it to them in full detail and just as you intended it.

Multitouch Hardware

High-end multitouch systems with robust performance and a professional look. Our systems provide a dynamic format for a variety of uses and situations. In our systems, you’ll find the most powerful computers available from Apple, making load and response times virtually undetectable. All systems in our standard line offer a dual screen format – a multitouch display and a normal display that work in tandem.

Touch T6.7 & Touch T5.6

The largest and most powerful multitouch systems with our seamless projection touch system. Perfect for making a big impression or for group-oriented work that needs plenty of space. Our projection-based multitouch displays look great, feel incredibly smooth and react to interaction with impossible speed. The size of these two models make them perfect for collaboration and a team-based work dynamic. Plenty of space for plenty of hands.

Touch T5.5

This multitouch system with an integrated MultiTaction screen offers users the same great feel, a slightly more compact format and plenty of power left over. These cells are less than 20cm deep, accommodate ultra-fast response times and eliminate sensitivity to external light. A perfect middle-of-the-road option for size, this system is big enough for a group of users and small enough to fit about anywhere.

Touch T3.2, Touch T2.2 & Touch T2.7

Small format. Stripped-down design. Same functionality. Highly portable and easy to assemble, these systems are great for events and store locations. These models are easy to disassemble and transport, making them particularly good for trade shows and other temporary locations. Displays that can be set up to fit just about any location, they can even be separated for when you’re feeling particularly creative.

Interested in buying? Have an idea?

We've worked closely with prominent companies to create dynamic, customized multitouch applications and hardware. If you have an idea and want to make it a reality, contact us to see what we can do together.If you're ready to purchase an application or piece of hardware from our established line, go ahead and get in touch with your local distributor or reseller, or contact us directly.