Touch Layout

Touch Layout is a Mac-based, collaborative layout application designed as a dynamic supplement to Touch Image. Visualizing and creating layouts for publications has never been easier.

Within your team’s workflow, Touch Layout follows right after Touch Image: Having agreed on suitable images to be used, go on with creating an attractive layout for your print medium.

Encouraging consistency, Touch Layout helps with your creative work in an intuitive multi-touch environment. It gives your team all you need to create great layouts in a collaborative effort.

The look of this month’s edition at your fingertips: Touch Layout.



Your work with Touch Layout begins where you ended your work in Touch Image: the images you selected there.

Once the images have been grouped and organized, Touch Layout can be launched with a few touch gestures. Whether you start with a blank page or with a prepared template, making a layout mock-up is fast and easy.

Select layout elements, place them at their spot, adjust some settings, and so visualize new layout ideas. When the layout is finished, it is automatically saved in pre-selected folders and forwarded to layouters for final touch-ups.


The true beauty of Touch Layout can be seen right on the interface itself. The intuitve usability and unparalleled performance of the application literally places the layouting process at the user’s fingertips. 

With a few easy gestures, any task can be accomplished and any look realized. Any aspect of the layout can be visualized with great accuracy, even as it’s being created.