Touch Image

What can I do with Touch Image?

Touch Image is a high-end, Mac-based, multi-touch solution for viewing, editing and selecting images for editorial and publishing purposes.
The Touch Image application offers a unique solution for editorial image selection and maintains the highest standards of usability and performance.


Touch Image centralizes and streamlines the editorial workflow. It presents all of the essential images to the editorial team within one revolutionary multi-touch solution.
Images, filed in designated ‘portfolios’ on local servers and computers, are presented in Touch Image where they are viewed, edited, and selected by the editorial team on the multi-touch interface.
The selected pictures are forwarded to the print production computers. On the other hand, the selected images are also forwarded to Touch Layout to be used by the editorial team for layouting purposes.

Hands-on Interface

The intuitive usability and aesthetic appearance of the interface makes viewing and selecting images for a publication a pleasure.
Most actions can be done with simple touch gestures. Every setting is available in a single menu.

Images in any quantity and quality: the Touch Image interface is designed to handle vast numbers of images and display them at the highest possible resolutions, including on gigapans.


Everything an editorial team needs to make the right decision – on one touch interface. The simple yet powerful features of Touch Image make the application a revolutionary publishing solution. With a few taps and swipes, editors can:
  • view images up-close in high detail
  • crop and resize images
  • group images for organization
  • automatically export images for layouting
Touch Image offers the tools to choose the best images for any publication – effortlessly and intuitively.

Touch Image publishing workflows