~sedna touch is now compatible with macOS Sierra


Touch Creator

Imagine creating your multi-touch content and scenarios without programming skills – with Touch Creator you can.
Touch Creator is a multi-touch authoring and content management system based on proven and award-winning ~sedna technology.

WYSIWYG editing

Content creators who are familiar with animation and video authoring can start at full speed from the first moment. WYSIWYG editing allows you to create highly complex multi-touch scenarios in no time.

No programming needed

You don’t need programming skills to create interactive multi-touch scenarios with Touch Creator. Straight-forward GUI helps you to easily define trigger, receiver, timing and kind of event.
No programming needed

Plug-in architecture

Touch Creator’s look and functionality can be customized and extended.
Additional plug-ins can be purchased to make your presentation more exciting and engaging.

Supported Media

~sedna touch supports a wide range of media. No editing is required, just add content as it is via drag-and-drop to Touch Creator. This keeps your workflow centralized in Touch Creator and streamlined with the overall production workflow.
Take advantage of Touch Creator’s completely interactive interface. Let your audience experience your brand in a whole new way by offering them full interaction on a fascinating and highly engaging interface.
  • Image (supports alpha channel): PNG, JPEG, TIFF
  • Audio: MP3, WAV
  • Video (supports alpha channel): AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP4, M4V, WMV, MKV (Codec: MPEG2, H264, H265, Quicktime, ProRes)
  • Live Video Capture
  • Web page (supports interactivity): HTML, .webloc, .webarchive

JavaScript SDK

You don’t need programming skills to create interactive multi-touch scenarios, but you can apply them if you wish.
All components in your scenario can be controlled with JavaScript. Create your own functions and scripts with the built-in JavaScript editor to achieve even more control of your multi-touch scenario.
JavaScript support Kopie

Touch Player


Touch Player

Reliable and versatile playback of your unique multi-touch scenarios in Touch Player. The Mac-based playout software is driven by proven and award-winning ~sedna technology. Touch Player offers the quality and stability you deserve.

Full range of multi-touch gestures

Touch Player recognizes a full range of multi-touch inputs.
In Touch Creator, you can preview and try out your scenario interactively.

Multiple displays

Set up your Touch Creator projects, create amazing scenarios and present them on up to six displays operated by Touch Player.

4K display support

Touch Player supports various kinds of multi-touch displays with resolutions of up to 4K/UHD.



Supported multi-touch displays

Areas of use

  • Trade fairs & road shows
  • Entertainment venues
  • Retail outlets
  • Exhibitions & museums
  • Educational institutions
  • Hotels & receptional areas

Installation Highlight @ CeBIT 2016

~sedna touch / Back Projection / Digital Signage / Interactive / LED

~sedna touch retail showcase

~sedna touch / Interactive

12K panorama wall

~sedna presenter / ~sedna touch / Interactive

Multitouch layout software

~sedna touch / Touch Layout