Touch Creator

Touch Creator by ~sedna is an authoring software especially made for multi-touch signage.
With Touch Creator, you can create multi-touch signage with ease: just drag-and-drop your content and make a few settings.
Most exciting touch scenarios that show amazing images, entertaining videos, interactive HTML and much more can be created without any programming skills.

Touch Player

Reliable and versatile playback of your unique multi-touch scenarios in Touch Player. The Mac-based playout software is driven by proven and award-winning ~sedna technology. Touch Player offers the quality and stability you deserve.

~sedna touch is now compatible with macOS Sierra

~sedna touch professional – software for publishing houses

Touch Image

View, edit and select images – in a new way that’s streamlining and revolutionizing the editorial environment. This application can centralize any publication’s image production and save both time and resources. Editors can make the right decisions and select the best images when they see them in splendid resolution and detail. The traditional image selection process – centralized and digitized on a powerful multi-touch system. Effortless organization.

Touch Layout

Everything you selected in Touch Image – immediately ready for layouting. This dynamic application lets you conceptualize layout mockups on your multi-touch system and bring to life a new look. Drag and drop layout elements from a toolbox, create templates and keep your publication moving forward. Never have to explain your idea to the editorial team again – just show them in full detail, exactly as you imagined it.