Presenter Player

Where your ideas come to life

Presenter Player brings all the power you need for a rock-solid and highly professional playback. It comes in two different versions. All Player versions are based on ~sedna’s custom render engine that offers the performance a dedicated and professional digital signage playout deserves. It turns Presenter Player into the most unique solution it is well-known to be.
  • Professional 24/7 operation
  • Seamless and versatile playout
  • Highly scalable
  • Standardized and robust Mac hardware
  • Supports interactivity
  • Supports online and offline updates
  • No playout interruption during content update

Player family


Presenter Player

  • The most versatile single screen solution
  • Maximum playout resolution: 2560×2560
  • Updates via local network connection or over the internet
  • Supports interactivity
  • Automatic synchronization with other Players for videowalls and more

Presenter Player Pro

  • All Presenter Player features
  • Unlimited Playout resolution (4K+)
  • Unlimited content layers
  • Supports up to six independent display outputs
  • Supports Pro Res files


Automatic startup

Presenter Player is built for seamless and uninterrupted playback. Whenever its Mac is restarted, Presenter Player comes back immediately and resumes playing without the need for any additional actions.

Offline updates

Even if Presenter Player loses its network connection, you always have the means to update content from an external harddrive or USB storage.


Define how often and when Presenter Player is supposed to look for new content on a webserver. Presenter Player will download and play back the latest content automatically.

Open architecture