Presenter Creator Pro

Presenter Creator Pro is the cornerstone of ~sedna presenter and the starting point for your great digital signage.
Manage assets, create, edit and control your playout. Presenter Creator Pro is more than just a simple CMS for digital signage, it is the ultimate tool to create stunning content, arrange it and to take control of when and where it should be played back. Version 4 of Presenter Creator Pro offers even more unique features for successful digital signage projects.

Presenter Creator Pro

Put your content together with ease and intuition.
Then publish it conveniently and quickly.
  • Unique arrangement-based scheduling
  • Comfortable license management in Presenter Cloud
  • Control content and add individual content layers
  • Freely arrange assets in dynamic layers
  • Easy to use interface
  • Frame-accurate multiscreen setups
  • Custom videowall feature with Shared Playback
  • Timer Playlists
  • Layer animations
  • Supports web targets for content publishing 

Interface Overview


Arrangement based scheduling

Digital signage projects are created visually by placing layers within an arrangement and filling these layers with content. The uniqueness in Presenter Creator Pro is the possibility to schedule each layer individually. You do not have to stick to static templates but you can make your content as dynamic as you want it to be.
Playlists in Presenter Creator Pro offer a quick and easy way to bring your content to your Players. Simply put assets into a playlist and define their order. You can also put arrangements or even other playlists into playlists.

Scheduling Options

Introduction of Presenter Creator Pro

Introduction of Presenter Creator Pro, the central content management software for all your needs.


Default Content

The easiest way to avoid empty screens with no content displayed is to define Default content.
Whenever there is nothing scheduled in the calender, the Players will play the defined Default content.

Calendar Scheduling

Scheduling content is the heart of every digital sigange project. Presenter Creator Pro offers a maximum of flexibility and helps you to display your content anytime.
Simply drag and drop playlists or arrangements onto a certain day in the calender and define the validation and runtime.


Playlists in Presenter Creator Pro offer a quick and easy way to bring your content to your Players. Simply put assets into a playlist and define their order. You can also put arrangements or even other playlists into playlists.


Timer Playlists

Timer playlists are an easy way to display content whenever it is relevant. Simply insert or remove time sensitive content without touching your standard schedule.


Supported Media


Other Features


Presenter Creator Pro comes with multiple effects for color adjusting, stylizing, sharpening or blurring your image or video assets. Effects can be aligned in the Inspector easily and simplify the modification of assets.

Multiscreen Assets

Presenter Creator Pro allows you to easily manage signage setups with multiple displays. If you need multiple displays to show different content streams at the same time, and want this be handled within a single project, Multiscreen assets are your choice. You can use this either for multiple displays at one location like a store, or even for multiple Players at different locations.


Presenter Creator Pro comes with various widgets, i.e. small HTML based programs that can be used to integrate real time data into your digital signage projects. Simply add weather information, your Twitter feed, some Flickr albums or QR codes to your project. You can also edit the provided widgets or even create your own with our Presenter Widget Development Guide.

Built-in Player

Presenter Creator Pro comes with a fully featured built-in Player. If you are looking for an advanced standalone digital signage solution, Presenter Creator pro offers all tools you need.


Videowall is a special kind of arrangement that allows you to recreate your particular screen setup within Presenter Creator Pro. This way you can display your content easily on huge displays consisting of multiple individual devices.