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Our Award-Winning Digital Signage Software Suite

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Offers fascinating new features that give you even more freedom and opportunities to showcase your brands content.
Makes it a breeze to create fascinating brand presentations. No wonder that ~sedna presenter is the primary choice on a world-wide basis when it comes to building top-quality and robust digital signage setups that operate under most demanding conditions.

Product Licensing & Management in Presenter Cloud

Player Management, Geographical Representation of Location and Status Display

Shared Playback to improve the Performance of Video Walls

Accelarate Decoding for Mac minis with Optimization of 4K Playback

Manage and Create stunning Digital Signange Content

Manage, schedule and deliver effortlessly with ~sedna presenter

Distribute and Deliver your Brand Messages

Focus on Ideas, Marketing, Sales, Production and Content Creation

Presenter Player

Where your ideas come to life. Content can be published from
Presenter Creator Pro to Players in a variety of ways. Presenter
Player offers you the reliability and stability that every signage
system deserves – and every brand needs.

Presenter Creator Pro

The cornerstone of our software suite and the starting point for
your great digital signage. Compose, create, edit, schedule and
update – Presenter Creator Pro gives you the freedom and tools
to get just the right look.

Our Workflow

~sedna presenter projects are created visually in Presenter Creator Pro.
Create your own Layouts, Move Layers freely. Animate them. Set up your Campaigns.


The uniqueness in Presenter Creator is the possibility to fine-tune the schedule of each layer individually.
Make your content as dynamic as you want it to be. Don’t get stuck with static templates.
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Presenter Accessoires

~sedna gmbh offers some great accessories for your ~sedna presenter based digital signage setups.
RFID readers and tags, different kinds of control solutions and more.
Contact us for more information and details.

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