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Presenter Suite

Digital signage software like no other – create, schedule and share your most important messages and exciting brand moments. Vast possibilities and complete simplicity help you make it look good.


We know how to let you be yourself and our software helps you do that in a spectacular way. Digital signage can move your brand forward.


Our digital signage software grows with you. From a single screen setup to Times Square, you imagine it and we can power it.


Less time working on digital signage, more time running your business. We have the features to manage and automate your messages.


Make the most of your pixels. Come up with with an idea that’s totally new – and show it to the world just the way you wanted it.


Digital signage playback that you can rely on. Presenter’s solid architecture means less worrying about what your system is doing.


Extremely high-resolution images and HD videos – and ~sedna presenter gives you the power to play them back seamlessly.

Presenter Creator

The cornerstone of our software suite and the starting point for your great digital signage. Compose, create, edit, and update – Creator gives you the organization and freedom to get just the right look.


Put your content together with ease and intuition. Then publish it conveniently and quickly.


Extra publishing features and a broad palette of tools for Presenter Players. Even more control and versatility.

Presenter Player

Where your ideas come to life. Content can be published from Creators to Players in a variety of ways. The Player offers you the reliability and stability that every signage system deserves – and every brand needs.


All the power you need for a solid digital signage system. The standard option with far above average results.


The retina display offers playback with a crisp look and touch screen capabilities offer new possibilities for direct interaction.

for iOS

Less time working on digital signage, more time running your business. We have the features to manage and automate your messages.


Stripped down. Without sacrificing an ounce of quality. For a minimal setup that still shouldn’t be missed.

Presenter Fascia Board Edition

Fascia boards are fast becoming standard signage components at sport arenas and concert halls. Our software is making working with their highly specialized format a whole lot easier.


This version takes your contents and automatically reformats them to fit your fascia board in no time.

Less Cost

Converting your content to the unique fascia board format in the application suite can save you expensive external editing costs.

Presenter Tools

Every setup is different and they all have an individual goal and function – including yours. We’ve developed a solid line of tool applications to help you reach those goals fast and take complete control of your system.

Control 3 Light

With this app designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, you can put playback control right in the palm of your hand. Start & stop, play as an overlay – simple and straightforward.

Edge Server

Publish signage through one application and on one server. Less bandwidth needed. This easy application can publish high volume projects to a large number of Players in no time.

Report Generator

Know exactly what was played and when. This versatile tool is a great solution for large setups and for cataloguing their playback. With a few easy settings, cataloguing it for future reference is easy.

Shutdown Manager

Enjoy complete control over when your Players should shut down and restart with this application. A great way to save on energy costs and control Player setups both quickly and efficiently.

Presenter RFID

An RFID sensor is easy to integrate and brings a multitude of possibilities with it. Presenter has all of the features and functions you need to make an RFID-based signage setup in no time.


Start playlists externally, create games and contests, encourage viewer interaction. RFID can make your signage more versatile.


RFID readers are particularly useful for stage shows and other presentations. Just a quick swipe and your content is ready.