Upgrade to ~sedna presenter 4 and Presenter Cloud

How to migrate licenses to Presenter Cloud?

The migration of licenses to Presenter Cloud is quite an easy thing:

Please at first request a Presenter Cloud account below.
After that you are able to download there the ~sedna presenter version 4.0 and install it under Mac OS X 10.10 or 10.11.
Then start the corresponding application, Presenter Creator or Presenter Player.
At the first start a migration assistant will guide you through the migration procedure.
Customers who already use ~sedna presenter 3 are able to upgrade to ~sedna presenter 4.0 include Presenter Cloud
free of charge*. Customers who have a valid software maintenance plan are able
to upgrade to ~sedna presenter 4.5 free of charge.
After license migration to ~sedna presenter 4.0 you are able to purchase a paid upgrade of our 
new major release ~sedna presenter 4.5 which is supporting macOS High Sierra (10.13.x)

3.4 » 4.0

Free update to ~sedna presenter 4.0

3.4 » 4.5

Paid Upgrade to ~sedna presenter 4.5

4.0 » 4.5

Paid Upgrade to ~sedna presenter 4.5 after License Migration

*) Possible for the following products in version 3: Presenter Creator Pro, Presenter Player, Presenter Player Pro, Presenter Player 4K