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macOS 10.13 – Version 4.5
macOS 10.12 – Version 4.1 or higher
Mac OS 10.11 – Version 3.4.2 to 4.1
Mac OS 10.10 – Version 3.2 to 3.4.1
Older versions are not supported anymore.
Please contact us to lift off your software to the latest version.

Until ~sedna presenter 4.0.1 the Installer contains both Presenter Creator Pro and Presenter Player (Pro). Presenter Creator Pro and Presenter Player (Pro) should not be installed on the same machine.

It is recommended to run the same version of Presenter Creator Pro as Presenter Player (Pro).  Once you have upgraded the Presenter Creator and Presenter Player (Pro) versions you will need to republish your project to complete the upgrade process.

You will find the download links until ~sedna presenter 4.0.1 under Resources on our website.

All download links for ~sedna presenter 4.1 or higher are available in your Presenter Cloud account under Resources.

You'll find our online manual in your Presenter Cloud Account under Profile > Resources or in the menu entry "Help" inside your ~sedna presenter software.
Yes, you can request a time-limited demo license through ~sedna's website to get a taste of what our software can do. After requesting a demo, a Presenter Cloud account will be set up for your organization. To get a fully productive Presenter Cloud account, you need to order Presenter licenses. Then a new Presenter Cloud account will be created on the productive cloud server.
The licenses you've ordered are provided by ~sedna in the Licenses section of Presenter Cloud, or as license dongles that you can connect to the USB interfaces of the corresponding Macs. If you use license dongles, you can run Presenter Player or Presenter Creator without any further registration procedures.

1. Run the application: If no dongle is found, a procedure is initiated during which you can register the individual installation on Presenter Cloud. Note that this requires an Internet connection. Click on the Cloud... button of this dialog. Another dialog will be prompted. Enter in this dialog: The ~sedna ID that you can find in the My Organization section of Presenter Cloud. The ~sedna Key that you can find at the same location. A name that will serve to identify the application instance. This identifier is displayed in Presenter Cloud.

2. Confirm the dialog: The application will go into stand-by mode to wait for the license assignment. If Presenter Cloud can't be reached, you can quit the Player (or Creator). Next time you start the Player, it will again continue to request a license until the Presenter Cloud server carries out the license assignment.

3. Assign License: This part is done in Presenter Cloud. As described in the Player section or the Creator section, look up the new instance in the Unassigned list. Select the corresponding entry and click on the corresponding button to assign the license.

4. Run the application: Eventually, the Player (or Creator) will receive the license. You may have to restart the software to start working with it.

Transferring licenses between computers is a breeze on Presenter Cloud. You can transfer licenses between Macs as many times as you like. Provided the corresponding software instance is registered with Presenter Cloud, there is also no need to do anything in Presenter Player or Presenter Creator, since the application regularly checks for changes on its license status.
Yes, licenses can be transferred to dongles. However, you need to contact us to have the transfer carried out. Note that the transfer comes at a fee for the dongle hardware.
Insert the license dongle into a USB port and open the corresponding ~sedna application. Presenter applications will automatically detect the dongle and run according to the license stored on it.

Player: When disconnecting a license dongle from a Mac with a Player running, playback will stop immediately and will not resume until the license dongle is plugged back in. When starting Player without a dongle, a dialog will be displayed allowing you to register the Player at Presenter Cloud and to request a license for the Player.

Creator: When disconnecting a dongle with Creator running, you will be prompted about the fact. Creator can only be closed after saving your work. When starting Presenter Creator without a dongle, you will also be asked if you wish to register the instance at Presenter Cloud.

Note: Dongle licenses have priority over other licenses in any case. If you carry out the registration and assign a license to Player or Creator, next time you plug in the license dongle, the license on it will be used.

Unfortunately, ~sedna gmbh and its distributors and resellers cannot assume any responsibility for lost license dongles. If you lose a license dongle with a license on it, then the license is lost as well. Therefore, keep your license dongles in a safe place. ~sedna recommends that you safeguard your software and license dongles through your insurance policy. We suggest you insure your software at the cost of a new package plus license dongle.
If you're having difficulty using a license dongle, for instance when your Mac is not detecting the dongle, please refer to the Troubleshooting page first. Look up the My Presenter application is not running with my license dongle entry and do the checks described there. If no of the tips given there can remedy the situation, then please contact our support group or your local reseller to resolve the issue. Should your dongle turn out to be broken, ~sedna will replace your license dongle. You will be required to ship the defective license dongle to ~sedna before the replacement dongle is sent back to you. Shipping and duty costs are your responsibility.
Working offline with ~sedna presenter software is viable with license dongles. In addition, registered Presenter applications will run for some time without Internet connection, but you need the Internet connection to activate the applications. See also the next question.
To make the license model work, and to provide you with reasonably priced licenses, an Internet connection is mandatory for every device running a ~sedna presenter application with a cloud license. Since a license is only valid on a single computer, an effective license management can't be done without the possibility to check and change the license status of registered devices.

Losing the Internet connection doesn't result in an immediate stop of ~sedna applications. The application will go on running undisturbed for some time without an Internet connection. After a certain period, a message will be displayed occasionally pointing to the missing Internet connection. The period in which the message is displayed shortens to stay permanently on screen at some time.

The following list shows exactly what happens after a ~sedna application loses its Internet connection:

Day 1: Internet connection is lost.

Days 1 to 7: Application keeps on running as usual.

Days 8 to 10: Once an hour a message is displayed for 30 seconds. The message says: "Presenter Player/Creator can't connect to Presenter Cloud".

Days 11 to 17: Every 5 minutes a message is displayed for 30 seconds. Message text: "Presenter Player/Creator can't connect to Presenter Cloud. Please make sure Presenter Player/Creator is connected to the Internet."

Day 18: The message mentioned in 4. stays permanently on display and can't be closed.

Yes ~sedna presenter 4.5 is supporting macOS High Sierra (10.13). But notice that ~sedna presenter 4.5 is a paid upgrade. For more information about an upgrade please click here.
The upgrade to ~sedna presenter 4.0.1 and Presenter Cloud is free of charge*. You need first a free Presenter Cloud Account which you can request here.
Please notice that ~sedna presenter 4.0.1 is only supporting Mac OS X 10.10 & 10.11. To use ~sedna presenter with macOS Sierra (10.12) you need an paid upgrade to version 4.1.

*) Possible for the following products in version 3: Presenter Creator Pro, Presenter Player, Presenter Player Pro, Presenter Player 4K

~sedna presenter 3.4.x and 4.0.1 are not compatible with macOS Sierra (10.12) or macOS High Sierra (10.13).

In order to continue using ~sedna presenter on macOS High Sierra you'll need 4.5 license.

Please contact our sales team (sales@sedna.de) in order to obtain pricing and purchase an upgrade to ~sedna presenter 4.5 before continuing.

If you have already upgraded your macOS to Sierra or macOS High Sierra and your ~sedna presenter software no longer works please contact our sales team with the following information:

- For version 3 licenses the license serial you are attempting to upgrade

- For version 4 or higher the player name which is displayed in your Presenter Cloud account

- Your ~sedna Key and ~sedna ID from your Presenter Cloud Account

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact  our support team.
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